They thought we couldnt, now It’s all US


I remember the first day I saw a plane, the first time I got kissed and the first time I got a pay check in my companies name, i remember a lot but amongst them, these stood out.

There’s are some snapshots of life that remain forever in your memory, feeding you with content when you feel low, silently reminding me that in every disappointment is a hint of hope.

As a kid, even though my dad travelled a lot, it never crossed my mind that I’d see the inside of a plane or get to live in another country…
Sitting here in my hostel room 4 years after, talking to my friends and business partners ( Ebonyte clothing co ) conversing about hard times and the hope of more to come…I’m grateful, most importantly for life, because with every turn I was never alone, God fought my battles and made me what I am today, and even though we aren’t there yet, every new day is a assurance that we will get there … soon enough #teamebonyte all day.



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