I am not my hair


98th & trillville

India Arie
Bro what’s good

With music these days, anything goes, it doesn’t have to have a message in it, all that’s required is to know the wordings to any song with a good rhythm to it, so as to seem in the know and “current”…

This was one of the songs we watched on tv back in 2005, that definitely deserves a listen even today.
i hope this one would cheer’s you up like it did me – India Arie’s – I am not my hair

enjoy 🙂

“Little girl with the press and curl
Age eight I got a Jheri curl
At Thirteen I got a relaxer
I was a source of so much laughter
At fifteen, it all broke off
Eighteen i went all natural
February 2002
I went on and did
What I had to do.
Because it was time to change my life
To become the women…

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Carry on and be grateful.


98th & trillville

Hey bro

How were the holidays?

Penned some new stuff down i have to share with you

It took growing up, to realise that in every situation there are always more things to be grateful for than not, we are all just programmed by default to complain and ponder about the problem longer than its imminent solution, instead of being grateful for what we all have ( life ) and face the solution to a problem with a clearer head. Life is golden, it is the only assured gift of hope, with no price tag on it – be grateful.

So when asked – I’m grateful for My God, My Family, My Team and My Booboo … the reason being, in our daily lives, we must realise that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

Later bro


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98th & trillville

Hey bro

I wrote this for booboo,

Bro trust me you’d like it as much as she liked it

It’s not perfect I know, but it’s like a rendition that plays on till today. Memoirs of life emphasised by contrast, but still end up making sense. So i wrote this purely from my thoughts.

To you – our counterpoint.

” A lot has been said, a lot has been done,
arguments lost and arguments won –
Riddled with false accusations – even if they were true,
can any of them really walk a mile in her shoes?

She remains strong, silently hoping,
Nobody knows, but she’s silently coping.
Problems compile problems never seeming to subside,
it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t been pushed to suicide…

He takes his time and grows fond of her,
to gain her trust and comfort her.
“She’s tainted” they say and he understands that,

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Meet The Council


The Ebonyte Blog


Hello, im Chukkie Ezeoke

… add Dilip Suthar, Assad Saeed and Nathan Fajebe and you’ve got – Teamebonyte – The council (Founding Members).

Im an Ibo Nigerian, Dilip  is a Marwadi Indian, Assad is a Muslim Pakistani and Nathan is a Yoruba Nigerian.

All in our early twenties, We founded The clothing brand  – Ebonyte. ( www.ebonyte.com    ebonyte.co.uk  )

Ebonyte is used to mean Self esteem beyond classification, what led up to “ebonyte” were the issues we faced individually – always being classified as not enough. This is an issue that still goes on today among people – stereotypes/classification. As most Nigerians, Pakistanis or Indians would tell you this – the dividing line between peoples keeps getting bigger everyday, We aim to use our  ideas, implementation and apparel to correct that impression, this is the core idea behind everything that bears the name  – “EBONYTE”.

swag means “something…

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They thought we couldnt, now It’s all US


I remember the first day I saw a plane, the first time I got kissed and the first time I got a pay check in my companies name, i remember a lot but amongst them, these stood out.

There’s are some snapshots of life that remain forever in your memory, feeding you with content when you feel low, silently reminding me that in every disappointment is a hint of hope.

As a kid, even though my dad travelled a lot, it never crossed my mind that I’d see the inside of a plane or get to live in another country…
Sitting here in my hostel room 4 years after, talking to my friends and business partners ( Ebonyte clothing co ) conversing about hard times and the hope of more to come…I’m grateful, most importantly for life, because with every turn I was never alone, God fought my battles and made me what I am today, and even though we aren’t there yet, every new day is a assurance that we will get there … soon enough #teamebonyte all day.


What is Ebonyte please?


The Ebonyte Blog

Where better to start than at the very beginning?

Ebonyte is a word that we coined to mean – self-esteem, it’s simply a  feeling of content in one’s own-self, against classification. that’s practically the simplest way to put it, although its meaning has changed over time to signify a melting pot of similar people from all over the world with the same beliefs.

Ebonyte is Anti-stereotype? Yes, but not vulgar or aggressive (check out the full details at ebonyte.com/aboutus) instead we “represent” ( individually always have a sense of pride in our origins, nationalities etc. )  through our apparel, and as such unify through SWAG (something we’ve all got)  that’s what breaks the boundaries of stereotype. It takes times to understand but the concept behind Ebonyte is really simple 🙂

Ebonyte is a clothing company too? Yes, the word is aptly used to signify our style of apparel and our approach to unifying…

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Shakuntala Devi passes away


May he Rest in Peace.

MINOR QUIBBLES- बीच बहस में

Legendary Mathematics wizard Shakuntala Devi, dubbed as the world’s fastest ‘human computer’ and who made complex mental calculations as a child prodigy, died at a hospital here today following respiratory problems.

Ms. Devi, who has enthralled fans with her prowess for decades, was 83.

“She passed away at Bangalore Hospital,” Shakuntala Devi Educational Foundation Public Trust Trustee D.C. Shivadev told PTI. Doctors declared her dead at 8.15 AM, he said.

Ms. Devi was hospitalised a couple of weeks ago for critical respiratory problems, Shivadev said. “She developed heart and kidney problems later,” he added.

A household name in India, Ms. Devi cast a spell adding a 16-digit number with another one and multipliying the result with an equal array of numbers almost instantaneously, finding the cube root of the resultant and pops up with an answer in just about the time taken for a wink.

Ms. Devi, who had no…

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…And Electro Swag was born.



It was just another afternoon, college was over, we’d gone over to the bakery to get food, and in mumbai trust me these things take time :D, but since i’d gotten this new app on my ipod called “Djay”  and  we were a bit buzzy,  the music was on, so we gave it a swing while we waited.

It didnt come out too bad though, Its funny how people started to think we were trying to turn dj’s after listening *laughs*

The song is Electro stab by Document one. we stepped on it on a few times, sent it around, got a few listen’s in and there you have it – Electro swag (LOL).

Hope you guys like it – Electro S.W.A.G.

Ps :- You might want to turn down the volume. 😀