One track mind – the rendition



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” i admit im one track-minded, because i believe and have consistently supported a cause that benefits not just me but everyone else around me. I’m one track minded because life isn’t just about random thoughts and banter, its about reminiscing, appreciating, and always considering. i lived life with an open hand, and an open mind –  judging as fairly as i could, considering criticism as at when due, and then coming to a conclusive decision when i got repeatedly wronged.  whats really hard to contain is imminent disparagement by the same people i fought hard to contain, time and time again. Disappointments compound disappoints, and hope starts to seem like a bogus school of thought, as if inevitable – the audience jumps to conclusion, amid jests about complicating predicaments. well – why did one straw break the camels back? heres the secret :- the million other straws underneath it – i dont let it get to me, so i remain one track minded, always considering disappointments as hidden ingenuity, it maybe for now…but i’ve found peace.”