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We grew up listening to hip hop, its in almost every street and every home, so is freestlyling. It is art and thought combined into lyrics, From Manchester, England – Devaughn Trey drops hard lyrics on this cipher, and he does it in his custom fit Ebonyte tee. Hope you guys enjoy and replay it as much as we did.
Representing Equality Allday.


Proud to announce



Teamebonyte has over the time, formed in a very distinct way, from inception till date, and with a final word in favor from its 3 previous member, we’re proud to announce officially – Assad Saeed – As the final addition to The Council ( Founding Members ).

Pakistani National, Manchester Representing :- An Electronic and Communication Engineering undergraduate from the University of Kent ; 21 year old Assad Saeed (assad_ebonyte) , is the new in charge of concepts and trends for Ebonyte clothing Company. Assad already own his private owned fast food chain – YOLO, which has gained momentum over time in prominent areas of the United Kingdom and has led to the emergence of various branches. He brings in a lot of experience, depth to the team and shares the same motivation, with a mindset to correct societies impression through our apparel and implementation.

” I think he’s a great addition for us, Why would i say no to progress?, assad is more than welcome”

Dilip Suthar (dilip_ebonyte) – Management.

” He’s a team player, always brimming with ideas and can connect with what we are about. He’s certified Ebonyte”

Nathan Fajebe (nathan_ebonyte) – Outsourcing.

” You might never really find a mixture of so much ethnicity, diversity and ideas. Im looking forward to working with him”

Chukkie Ezeoke (chukkie_ebonyte) – Graphics.

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